The Champagne Cellar

Bollinger Special Cuvee

This wine is known as a 'brut non vintage', the traditional champagne style that is composed of a blend of vintage wines from multiple years and dry in style. Because champagne is in essence a blend of wines from different villages, different grape varietals and different vintages, Bollinger dedicates a great deal of attention to the special cuvee. It is crafted to represent the signature and style of the house from year to year. The Bollinger style is built upon excellence and attention to detail from the selection of grapes and varieties to the blending of the base wines and ultimate maturation. Tasting Special Cuvee is proof of the power and finesse of Pinot Noir, a fine combination of plate weight and elegance, vinosity and length.

  • Style: Non-Vintage BRUT champagne
  • Grape Variety: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier & Chardonnay
  • Country of Origin: France (Champagne Appellation)
  • Closure: Natural Cork
  • Bottle: 750ml
  • Alcohol by Volume: 12% vol