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About The Champagne Cellar

Our predecessors, Jane and Hazel, were introduced to the champagnes of Cheurlin-Dangin during a short break in the Champagne region of France. They made friends with a French family who invited them to dinner where champagne was served as an aperitif, and it was quite simply the best Champagne they had ever tasted, and a name they had never heard of - Cheurlin-Dangin.

The following day they paid Monsieur Cheurlin a visit and bought a couple of cases of his Brut Reserve to bring back home. It tasted just as good and they shared a glass or two with their friends, who all agreed that this was an exceptionally fine champagne. Would they, on their next visit, bring back some for them as well?

Soon, a small clientele developed and they realised that they had the basis of a business supplying this fine French champagne without the 'famous name' premium.  The personalised champagne labels grew from the demands of local businesses, but the strength of the venture lies in the quality of the champagne itself, testimony to this being the number of repeat orders received from the growing client base.  Champagne makes the perfect gift - especially with a personalised label - but the receipient will be even more thrilled when they open the bottle and taste the delicious contents!

Forward wind to 2010 and the merger of the Champagne Cellar with Park Lane Champagne and a visit to La Famille Cheurlin was in order.  Again we were wowed by the quality of all the Cheurlin champagnes and their dedication to first class production.  We are pleased to now be a primary importer and distributor for Cheurlin-Dangin champagne in the UK - whether as one off gifts or on a larger wholesale basis - and look forward to building this relationship over the years ahead.

You really ought to try a bottle - we promise that you will not be disappointed!

You can also keep up to date about with our general champagne musings found on our Alastair's Champagne Blog.

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